My Name is Orsola De Marco, and I am a Designer & Placemaker

As a Placemaker I combine the best of business knwoledge, creativity, design and sociology in the role of a social entrepreneur.

I enhance the experience and wealth of my clients and their stakeholders through thorough research resulting in well-executed projects.

By understanding the context and social interaction I identify the sweet spot for positive change and the implementation and means around it.

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How can Whitechapel Road and its narratives bring local communities together, for the purpose of improving the undervalued area?

Streets play a significant role in urban contexts, by connecting people with places. Retailers, local community groups, and pedestrians passing-by are key actors in these environments. However, often-urban policies focus on specific categories, rather than addressing the different segment groups. These results are a higher fragmentation and less interaction between various groups.

Can narratives about people re-establish a connection between the different user groups, opening a discourse about the shared area?

Street stories aims at stimulating a fresher approach to urban planning policies in undervalued neighbourhoods, exploring design processes to engage people in social activities and interventions.

My Services

My services in the project included

  • Problem identification
  • Project definition and research
  • Solution development
  • Process design and moderation of social interaction


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